four months old

Ohhhh, Nia! How much you've changed. I can tell she's truly a growing girl because we've had to do some shopping! I tried putting her in a sleeper last night that I'm in denial of her having outgrown, but she has, and sadly, I changed her. Here's some of the major changes I've noticed this past month, and in spirit of Easter next weekend, I present you with the little rabbit!

Nia 4 Months.jpg

I definitely have seen some new development in the last month. She's definitely more attentive and can totally see me from a farther distance. Sometimes I like to test how far she can see by doing my "hi's" and smiles further away!! Her hand-eye coordination is one that I am so proud of! She zooms those hands in so well when she wants to grab something (unfortunately that tends to be my hair at the moment). And like I mentioned, that grip is deadly - she could totally cut off circulation!

She just switched from swaddled blanket (with arms out) to a sleep sack last night because sometimes in the night she'll unwrap herself and scooch (word?) up her bed. Sometimes I won't realize this right away because I'm obviously sleeping, but, once I do, I feel terrible, because I don't want her getting cold!

Lastly, I tried taking a video yesterday of her fascination with the ceiling, but of course once I was videoing, she all of a sudden wouldn't do it. I need to capture this because it's pretty darn funny!

What's still the same from last month:

  • loving her big girl bath
  • napping in style!
  • self-soothing with her thumb like a champ

And, just to show you what I mean for some of the things, videos and photos below!


(And please ignore how ghostly I look. I clearly don't get out much.)




And finally, some other pictures that didn't make the 'main' photo cut:

See you in another month!