five months old

Nia officially turned 5 months yesterday; the very day we decided to road trip from the Toronto area to Charlotte, NC. She sure demonstrated her maturity at this ripe age by not crying for more than a total of 30 minutes in the whole 14 hour drive. It was pretty amazing. We picked a good baby ;). Here's a look at what my little cheeky girl has demonstrated this past month!

Other things to note:

  • She's definitely more vocal this month and doing a lot of "da da da's" and "ba ba ba's"
  • She smiles when I sing her my made up "Momma and Nia" song, "shake, shake, shake the silly's out" and when I do "ahhhhhhh!" with my mouth open and come towards her
  • Sleep regression did hit and she wakes up more frequently to eat in the night - usually 12am, 3am and then 6am (I've been really tired as a result!)
  • likes to chew on her blankets and/or Sophie (and other various toys) <---this is starting to sound more like a pet dog haha

And finally, a few more pictures!

Be back in a month for her HALF year update!! Ahhh, so crazy!