eleven months old

So, I'm only 3 days (well, technically 2 because I take a day to edit) late for posting her monthly update, but I have a bad case of running low on enough hours in a day to get anything done! But, onto little miss Nia. We've had the rockiest sleep patterns ever in this past month, and this is the exact reason we're told to love our kids, unconditionally :).

Other than poor sleep, she really has been quite the blossoming baby though! She's learning so much and I just love watching her explore. I also wouldn't mind if I understood baby language because it would really help me out for knowing what the heck is going on (…at 12:30am, 1:30am, 2:30am, 4:30am, etc). (BUT, luckily last night was a good sleep night so there's hope!)

Here's what the little bee has been up to this month (and obviously what she's being for Halloween!):

Nia 11 months.jpg

I really feel like she's changed a tremendous amount this month. Not only is she on the verge of walking (since she pretty much goes right to standing whenever she can), watching what we're doing ALL the time, and adapting what she can do everyday, but she is extremely smart!! She amazes me!

Some other things to note/points to expand on:

  • Whenever I brush her teeth (we have a finger toothbrush that just slips over your finger with bristles on it), she wants to bite down on it and smile! We're trying to teach her "aaaaaahhhhh" so she keeps her mouth open during the process!
  • If I'm doing something in the kitchen, she loves coming over and using my legs to stand herself up. She truly she just wants to be in the action. Soon, Nia, soon…I'll have you cooking dinner for me ;).
  • Sometimes she doesn't even want you to read her books to her. She just wants to flip the pages and have nothing to do with you. It makes story time really interesting sometimes haha.
  • The undoing of the diaper is hilarious. Just the fact that she knows what she's doing is pretty funny. We will say "hands up!" when she's trying to undo it and throw her hands up. She gets a kick out of this!
  • I love that she's smart enough to know when she can't swallow something and all it takes is for me to put my hand out under her chin and she'll spit the food out!

So, if we could figure out what was causing all the disrupt in the night this past month (was it a full moon all month?! ;)), we'd be laughing. Because during the day, you would never know that she had multiple wake-ups!

Now if someone could slow down this next month because I really cannot believe come November 23rd that I WILL HAVE A ONE YEAR OLD!! Holy moly!

We actually have her one year photoshoot tomorrow and the lovely snow decided to join us this am. I'm not sure if this is going to reschedule when they're done or not (because we're doing them outside). I hope not because I'm so anxious to see how they turn out!

See you next month for an official one year old. My heart breaks already!

And a few more pics/candid shots. I almost forgot!


She also blows (raspberries?) out of her mouth with her lips closed, like in above picture. I didn't include it in the fancy pic above because I didn't know how to describe. But, here's the concept.

And that's why the remote was allowed in the pictures - it kept her from removing the headband!! The tricks of the trade!