eight months old

Cue the sappiness just for a second. Are you ready? OK! I seriously think it's crazy how much more I love this little girl each day. Everything she does makes my life. I've said it before, but she could pee all over me and I would probably call it the greatest thing ever. Not that I encourage this, but you get the point ;).

Ok, done with my daughter consumes my life talk, and onto what's she up to at eight months of life!

I feel like her personality is really starting to shine. She's learning so much about the world and absorbing it like a sponge! Here's what my little camera-hog is up to this month!

8 months.jpg

Last night, she also had a giggle-fest with Tyler. He laughed and she would laugh back. It was seriously the cutest thing ever and I'm going to have the camera ready tonight to re-capture it (crossing fingers she does it again). This just shows how much she loves her daddy and I seriously melt!

Other things Nia's been enjoying:

  • still bouncing like crazy (this is where her strong legs really come into play!)
  • trying new foods
  • sitting up and playing with her things on the floor
  • chatting away
  • going on walks
  • sleeping in her sleep sack with bunny
  • A crazy thing: since attending a wedding this month (compared to when she was only five months old), I think it's amazing at how much difference three months can make for leaving her to go out for the night. She's so much more aware, and a little more predictable (which makes it soooo much easier on us and more enjoyable knowing we can pretty much know what the problem is if one comes up!)

And again, her updates are not complete without some of the other funny shots I captured along the way. Sometimes the shot is taken at a classic moment and others she graciously poses that way for. I hope you can get a sense of what a little cracker this girlie is!

8 month collage 3.jpg
8 month collage 2.jpg
8 month collage 4.jpg

See ya in another month!