easter interval run

Hi all! I'm coming at you full speed. No, really. I created this interval run that will have you chasing that Easter Bunny in no time! (PS- he has chocolate stocked in his basket at all times.) This interval run is great for your Easter weekend because it's quick, but effective. You could totally hop on the 'mill still wearing your bunny ears, and you'll be good to go for that Easter egg hunt!

20 min interval.jpg

Total: ~2.39 miles

What you do: so, you're basically running at a moderate pace for 3 mins with 1 minute speed intervals in between starting at 8.5 and working up to 9.0 mph (aka Easter bunny pace). (Note: if it gets too tough, do the final sprint (9.0) for 30 seconds and go back to the 6.5 for the final 30 seconds.) Set your incline according to the intensity you'd like (I did mine at 0.5%), and just get 'er done!

Do this, then get that game face on. You will own this Easter (and the goodies that come with it).


What's your favorite kind of Easter chocolate/candy?!