a day in the life: january 27th, 2016

5:01am: Alarm goes off….I snooze until 5:10 {aka my absolute latest - I won’t hit snooze more than that one time, but I felt like I needed it this morning}.

5:10am: I’m UP and out of bed. I head right for the mat and start into some yoga. Do this for around 10 minutes and then meditate for 6. Next, it’s time to meditate {I’m only doing 6mins at a time right now}, and then journaling. This is a quick sesh because I want to get to my comp so I can do my 20 minutes of learning. I’m working on week 3 of this online health & wellness course I’m taking. I end up doing it until I can get to the end of a lesson I’m comfortable stopping with!

6:30am: It’s time to post the content for Sweet ’16 course {which finishes today, by the way. where does the time go?!}. I quickly scan over what I’ve written for any typos and forgot that I needed a few more blog/websites to add to today’s content, so I browse the web for them!

7:15am: While looking at websites, I stumble upon something I can’t pass up making for breakfast: toasted coconut pancakes. I start the diffuser going {3 drops lemon + 2 drops peppermint + 1 drop OnGuard was today’s mix}, and get prepping.

8:00am: Breakfast is ready, so I eat with the fam! Hubby makes me a coffee and then I head to my desk to do some work {graphic design + course development + building up willpower to deal with a very opinionated toddler!}.

9:15am: *sad face* didn’t get as work accomplished as I wanted to, but it’s time to move on. Clean the bathroom, then shower, because we are heading out the door soon!

10:00am: Wow, does time go by fast! I managed to clean, shower, tidy myself up, get Nia ready, find the library items that need to go back, and then we were out the door. Too bad I’m STILL always late for her library program start time. There’s always next week, right?

10:30am: We arrive at the library and catch 15 mins of the program. Nia doesn’t want to stick around for the next one (3 and under age group), so we go and look at some books. I, of course, manage to find a bunch of books I want to take out…and I do!

11:45am: We’re back at home and in need of lunch. I pop open some Amy’s lentil soup {for an easy lunch option} and make a grilled cheese with mozzarella daiya cheese. I do a little kitchen clean up while we fill our bellies.

1:00pm: Nia’s ready for her nap, but Tyler’s home for lunch so he takes care of that for me. I pop 4 drops of peppermint into my diffuser and head into my work area to do some reading. I start The Desire Map, but feeling a little tired today, so I close my eyes quickly. 10 mins later and I’m rejuvenated…especially with the peppermint diffusing away right next to me.

1:30pm: I work on some more design stuff + blog work. And decide if I want to get into a little self-development now or save it for after Nia’s bedtime.

2:00pm: So personal development doesn’t go down. I continue to do some other computer work {worked on Wednesday’s blog post} and hang out with Nia. Today was a little trying just because three year’s old means A LOT of disputing and pretty much everything opposite of what mommy wants :). We both take the time to cool down. I help her with a puzzle to pass some time.

4:30pm: Head into the kitchen and start using up the very last of the produce in our house to make a potato salad. Wash, cut, plop potatoes in water to boil.

5:15pm: Sister and Mom call to FaceTime, so we chat to them while we’re both in our separate kitchens! Potato salad is ready and I’m chomping into it (so is Nia). Tonight is totally an informal dinner night, which is super rare. We continue to FaceTime my sister after we finish eating, and then Tyler gets Nia all cleaned up for bed before he heads out for the night.

6:00pm: Now it’s just me and Nia, so we hang out. I try to convince her to get in some PJs, but she’s definitely not ready for them. I change into my {hot} yoga clothes because that’s where I’m heading tonight!

6:40pm: I decide to make us a smoothie because I’m hungry and I know she is {it’s a superfood filled smoothie :)} and I don’t want to go to class starving. 

7:00pm: The couple watching Nia arrive! She finally lets me put on her PJs and we brush her teeth. Then I get myself all organized to leave.

7:20pm: I go to yoga with my hubby’s friend, so he arrives, but I told him I’d drive tonight, so we get in the car and start cruising.

7:40pm: Arrive 5 minutes before class starts and surprisingly it’s not packed (like it usually is when we get there). Must be the rain. We set up…and then finally the room fills up like the norm.

7:45-8:45pm: I try to get in the yoga zone…but I can’t. Last week’s class was amazing {I was SO focused on myself and nothing/no one else in the room}, but this one was a little bit of a struggle for me. Might have to do with toddler drama and/or mentally being drained {from the toddler, haha}. I still have a good class, just not my best. 

9:00pm: We are ready to leave {hubby’s friend has the right idea and showers there, but being a girl and all I just suck it up and find showering at home is just easier on so many levels}. We make a quick pit-stop at Whole Foods on the way home because our fam needs water {he do 5 gal jugs from there}, and some essentials.

9:30pm: I’m SO ready to start driving home, since I know it’s going to be a late one tonight. {I just couldn’t find the d*mn nutritional yeast at WF, until I discovered it was sold out - good thing for bulk!}

9:50pm: Say goodbye to my yoga companion, go inside and thankfully Nia was good for tonight’s babysitters. I swear she’ll make a great negotiator because she told them, “don’t worry about bed time, let’s read one more book,” or “don’t worry about me, I don’t need to go to sleep yet.” She’s brilliant. Tyler walks in the door, literally, 5 minutes after I get home, so we chat for a bit before the couple leave.

10:15pm: I make popcorn {much needed}, then hop in the shower. Once done and while eating popcorn, we watch some of the new show Limitless. {It’s good, the movie it originated from is way better. Obvs.}

11:00pm+: WE NEED TO STOP GOING TO BED SO LATE. Ok, so I don’t yell this out right as we’re about to go to sleep, but I’m definitely saying something along the lines in my head. I swear we’ll learn one day {hopefully tonight?} because waking up tired S-U-C-K-S! And these are pretty much my thoughts… {also, sorry for the lack of pictures in this post haha}

Let me know if you enjoy the day in the life posts or a day of eating style post…what are your thoughts?!? (Also my plan would totally be to actually add in pictures next time. I took some on snapchat :: charmcghie :: but they get removed 24 hours after posting and I forgot to save them in that time!)