CSA pickup: week 5

We're officially 1/4 through our CSA already!! So far I've really enjoyed going each and every Saturday to see what's in store for my fridge that week. I've especially been loving the "free for all's;" this is where they have so much of a certain produce item that you can take as much as you want. It's even more awesome when the freebie's are something I really want a lot of! So here's what we got this past Saturday.

Our CSA pickup this week:

  • 2 bunches of spring onions
  • 2 bunches of cilantro, parsley or dill (I chose 1 cilantro, 1 parsley)
  • 3 bunches of swiss chard
  • 1 quart of snap peas
  • free-for-all cabbage: I took 1 green cabbage (still had purple and napa at home)
  • 6 bunches of fennel: I only took 2 to "try it out" because I hate black licorice so there was no point in me taking the full amount, but I wanted to take some just to see if maybe my tastebuds would accept it ;)
  • free-for-all turnips: I took a medium-sized baggie worth
  • 2/3lb spring lettuce mix
  • 6 bunches of garlic
  • 2 bunches of cilantro, parsley or dill (repeat from above)
  • free-for-all squashes: I took 1 huge green squash, 2 smaller yellow and 1 of the other one above (not sure of the name)


  • free-for-all cucumber: I took about 5 because Tyler loves cukes and so do I
  • free-for-all basil:I took another baggie worth!

My camera was dying and I got kirfuffled (new word) to get the stuff snapped that I had already out, and in the midst of it all forgot about the cucumbers and basil in the fridge! Oops!

How we plan to use the items:

  • lettuce mix: salads; currently looking for a good mango salad dressing, if you know of one, please pass it along!
  • turnips: probably try to incorporate them into salads because they have a sweet taste, so they're really good raw/as is
  • snap peas: again, just eat 'em raw!
  • cilantro and parsley: used cilantro on top of an asian stir fry last night, maybe make a cold quinoa salad and incorporate parsley into that
  • spring onions: meal toppers, salads
  • swiss chard: sautéed up with some EVOO, garlic, nooch, tahini and lemon juice (is the plan) and/or smoothies
  • cabbage: used a bit in a stir fry last night, cold asian-style salad
  • fennel: I need suggestions seeing as I don't ever use it...or like it
  • squashes: stir fry, sauteed, or would LOVE to grill the huge green zucchini
  • garlic: anything and everything I can
  • cucumbers: salads, with vinegar and salt
  • basil: might make some more pesto and do the whole pizza thing again

We're doing pretty good for using stuff within the week. The only issues seems to be the lettuce, but we didn't make a whole lot of salads last week. That's partially why I'm looking for a new and interesting salad dressing; I'm hoping it will help encourage the consumption of greens! Other than that, the snap peas were gone within a day, along with a lot of other things that followed soon after!!

In other news, Nia is an 8 month-er today. Waaaaaaaaaah! Where does the time go?! I will be capturing her cute little self for her update tomorrow. Stay tuned!!


What's your favourite fruit?

Does it change with the seasons?