bring your baby to school day + i had the coolest test done on me

On Friday, I had the absolute pleasure of bringing Nia to school with me. I had switched my Friday afternoon class (at 3:30pm) to the morning (at 9:30am), and Tyler was playing golf that morning, so I thought I'd bring Nia and figure it out. And then my friend, Kara, volunteered to watch her while I had my seminar. Score.


Kara and Carly with me and Nia (missing from the pic because she's taking it is my other friend, Izabela)

I don't think Tyler liked the idea of Nia being at university because it puts into perspective how fast time really does go. But, I wouldn't mind if she ended up at University of Guelph like her mom (and grandma!) ;).

After my seminar, I had the opportunity to have the coolest test done on me, and why I brought Nia to campus (so that I could make that happen). The test doesn't take that long (15 mins), so I was going to risk Nia hanging out (content) in the stroller while it was happening, but Izabela offered to come with me and keep an eye on Nia!


It's called the Bod Pod and it measures your body fat and your fat free mass (i.e.: your internal, organs, bones, joints, liquid, etc). You sit in the egg (might I add, the very expensive egg), in 6 small 30 second sessions, 4 of which you just sit there, then another 2 you need to blow, and then 'huff' through a tube to finish the procedure.


You have to wear virtually nothing, PLUS, a shower cap (because air gets stuck even between your hair, and you want the measurements to be as accurate as possible), hence the reason for the awkward smile, if you can even see me in the above pic.

Nia was super happy the whole time this was happening, which I was worried about because she was clinging on to her last bit of energy (her nap was badly needed!).

After the test is done, you get out, get changed back into your clothes and the printout of your results is literally ready 2 minutes later.

It definitely was cool to see what my body fat percentage is, how much my fat free mass weighs (just in case you're wondering, it's 79lbs, and that's mainly because of my enormously smart brain…kidding), and what my determined kcals for the day are. I actually have to talk to my prof about that number because my REE (resting energy expenditure, which just means that if I laid around all day doing nothing, that's how much I'd need to eat to sustain myself) was much lower than I thought, at 1115kcal. I think I eat that in one sitting right now haha.

It was such an awesome experience and so cool to have a legit test done to know those measures! And, did you know that there's only ONE manufacturer in the world for the Bod Pod? This hails from California!

Then yesterday, we ventured to Tyler's grandma's house for a big family get together for her birthday. Tons of cousins and aunts and uncles that Tyler hasn't seen in a while, so it was a pretty special afternoon.

Carly also learned how to hold a baby properly ;).


Today, I'm actually doing some meal prep (aka: this has never happened before in the history of my kitchen), and then headed to Ty's work so me, him, Carly and (maybe) Nia can get a CrossFit WOD in!

Hope your Sunday is proving to be a fabulous one!