the biggest self-development enhancer!

Hey everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! We were going to head out to this vegan donut place downtown on Saturday but they sold out before we even left the house. I was so disappointed. I think there was a hole in my heart for the rest of the day. But don’t you fret, I’m going to try and make it there during the week sometime because apparently they’re a little less busy. {I’m secretly ready to head there and whip up a business proposal for them to double their amounts on weekends - extra dough in their pockets. I’m so cheesy with my humour, I know.} I realize that intro has absolutely nothing to do with my topic today, but that’s ok. Because being sold out of donuts needs to be told so others understand the tragedy here.

And hey, maybe donuts are a close second for personal development. Don’t doubt the donut’s power!! But seriously, I have been doing something for the past month now that has be a complete game changer when it comes to personal development.

The utmost enhancement one could do to self develop, if you will. You ready for it? (Oh, and I should probably mention that this only applies to audio and video - not sure how you would apply this technique to reading, but whoever does gets a donut from yours truly.)


The biggest self-development enhancer is to listen/watch {podcast, youtube vid, etc.} on 1.5x speed.

Mind blown? Ok, so it might sound rather silly or…speedy? But trust me, once you get past the initial “they’re talking too fast” stage, you actually start to *think you* hear them in normal speed. Now sometimes when I’m listening to something there will be times when I stop and have to check if it’s normal or 1.5x speed and it’s always 1.5x speed. THat’s how accustomed I am to it now!

The benefits to my madness:

You get through your self-help/personal development 25% quicker, WHICH MEANS you can start listening to another audio (if you choose) that much sooner. It’s not only 1.5x the speed, but 1.5x the info and learning, so to speak.

Plus, having done this for a while now, I’ve realized how slow people really talk in podcasts or, say, YouTube videos, so you’re essentially just bringing them up to speed if they were yelling at their kids to get their butts out the door for soccer practice. ;)

So, can you try doing this for me and let me know what you think? Just remember that adjustment period. It will take a while/feel weird, but so worth it.

Unless you’re listening to the Chipmunks, then that might just be pop an eardrum.