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You might not know this about me (especially since ALL my old posts containing this topic are sitting in draftland), but I used to plan out meals like a boss. We are rewinding a few years minimum, but I thoroughly enjoyed the art of planning it out! This year, in an effort to reduce decision fatigue (which was huge for me last year - I felt so tapped out from making way too many pointless decisions), I knew this needed to happen again. So yesterday, I got my pad of paper out, my recipe hat on & got some meals down before heading to my local organic grocer for produce.

Before we get to this week's plan, I thought I would enlighten you in how I plan my meals for the week:

  • I scan my fridge to see what's still in there (because being wasteful is something I try to avoid!)
  • Some are new meals (if I'm feeling adventurous/have time that week to play around in the kitchen), and some are old faves for simplicity sake
  • I try to not have two nights back-to-back with similar proteins - for example: if I have tofu on Tuesday, then I wouldn't do soy (ex: tempeh) again until at least Thursday

So with some meals scribbled down for the week based on that, I went and stocked up. My fridge is now FULL of beautiful colours!


And here's what we're looking at to munch on next week - main elements of the meal in brackets:

  1. Vegan mac 'n' cheese with roasted broccoli & caramelized onions (quinoa pasta)
  2. Falafels with rice & salad (red lentils + chickpeas)
  3. Rainbow power bowls (quinoa, lots of veggies & garlic-tahini sauce)
  4. Almond butter tofu stir fry (tofu + brown rice)
  5. Kale caesar salad + crockpot chili (beans + tempeh)
  6. 2 flexible nights

The only thing I haven't done yet is put them into the order we plan to eat them this week, but looking at it right now, it's looking mighty ok as is!


I have a bit of a crazy week next week, so here's hopping this all pans out ok :P

So you tell me...

What are you planning on eating next week?

Do you like variety/adding new things into your meals?

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