baby: 38 weeks


How far along? Too far's scary!

Baby’s size? A pumpkin. How convenient with it just having been Halloween and all!

Total weight gain/loss: Still mid-20s. My weight hasn't changed since my last midwife visit though.

Maternity clothes? Still just a ton of lulu's, and long, stretchy tops.

Stretch marks? So fortunate to still be saying no!

Sleep: A thing of the past! I'm actually writing this post at 5:43am, even though I intended to write it at 8am when I awoke from a peaceful state. Pffft, ya right.

Best moment this week: Well, having my baby shower last Saturday was a really great moment, and having pretty much all crossed off the list of 'things we need to get for the baby.' We only need a few more small things, but as of now, I think we can officially say we would be OK if the baby made an appearance soon!

Miss Anything? At the risk of sounding selfish, I really cannot wait to remember what it feels like to have my body back. The baby is causing so much pressure in my pelvis that any physical activity that I do, do (like helping my little sister with her paper route the other day or walking to the store with my hubby last night), results in major discomfort later. This is not me's my pelvis ;).

Movement: Still lots, but I think baby is learning to respect me more because I haven't really received as many painful jabs as I used to :).

Food cravings: Still not much. Just tons of pomegranates as usual, and we also enjoyed some So Delicious chocolate coconut milk ice-cream this week. It was such a splurge seeing as it costs just as much to fuel my pomegranate supply for the week.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Same ol' - lying on my back for too long.

Gender: Ok, NOW I'm getting antsy to know what this baby is. I've had a lot of boy guesses this past week. Who knows what this little baby is, but yes, I'm dying to know now!

Labor Signs: I don't think so. Just the pressure down there, but I think I'm almost ready to brave this thing happening!

Symptoms: Sleep deprivation and anticipation, which totally counts as a 'symptom.'

Belly Button in or out? I was looking at it last night (gag, I know), and it kinda still pops out...oddly enough.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy...when I'm not tired haha. Because then, I'm just daze-y.

Looking forward to: Getting new baby's mattress on Friday (so I lied above, if the baby could hold off until Friday, that would be great!) - this probably should be explained in a very near post. Getting through another week of school, while staying on top, and hopefully a date night with the hubby because we won't have very many opportunities soon!