baby: 36 weeks


How far along? 36 weeks aka 27 days left!!

Baby’s size? Honeydew melon (and at almost 6lbs...sheesh!)

Total weight gain/loss: Almost mid-twenties.

Maternity clothes? Lotsa stretching of reg clothes ;).

Stretch marks? Luckily not a lot of stretching happening here though!

Sleep: Had a few bad nights - one I felt nauseous and the other just a lot of waking up and turning. I miss good sleep.

Best moment this week: Getting that midterm out of the way. It's pretty much what I told the baby to hold out for! My hubby coming home from his trip away. And, our wedding anniversary!

Miss Anything? always. Sleep. Having non-pelvis pain.

Movement: Still a lot. It's suppose to start settling down, but my baby is a wild one!

Food cravings: Nothing pops to mind. Yes, I realize I'm the most boring pregnant woman ever! Should I lie and say: pickles and ice cream?!

Anything making you queasy or sick: During that one night and one time when I didn't eat frequently.

Gender: Had a baby boy dream, but still no aha! feeling of knowing what it is.

Labor Signs: None - but it's fine, I need to still mentally prepare for this!

Symptoms: Just loss of sleep now and bring on the pain where the baby's head is lodged - like I already complained about ;).

Belly Button in or out? This question is so irrelevant now, it's not even funny.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I try to always be a happy camper, but I was so not a happy pregnant lady yesterday. Worst day of pregnancy thus far and I don't even know why. Just being so uncomfortable can really put a damper on you!! I'm over it now ;).

Looking forward to: Farmer's market today with the hubby, seeing a friend later (she hasn't seen my belly in a while!), and crib picking up with my mom on Thursday!