baby: 33 weeks


How far along? 33 weeks aka FOURTY-EIGHT days left!!!

Baby’s size? Pineapple...nice and spiky.

Total weight gain/loss: Midwife appointment on Tuesday, so will know then.

Maternity clothes? Finally bought a few tops (Target special ;) ) AND a pair of jeans. I'll so be rocking that high waist band once we're back home to the cold weather.

Stretch marks? I don't think any still - was trying to check but it's getting harder with this bellaaay.

Sleep: Been going ok. Getting up to pee in the early morn's (5 or 6ish), but so does the husband and sometimes he's the one going first, which makes me realize I need to get up as well!

Best moment this week: Running a mile yesterday! It's been TWO weeks since I've ran (I did 4 miles last time), but I definitely needed the rest, because this hip has been off and on pain in that two week span, and even still after running a mile, I know I couldn't have gone farther. Listening to my body, people!


Miss Anything? Some wine, being able to breathe without a little person taking up my lung space, getting painful jabs.

Movement: Just about any and everything it's doing in there. Tons of cute, little hiccups and jabs!

Food cravings: Nothing really - just sweet tea because I'm maximizing on it while I'm down in the states!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Thankfully not - not even my workouts I've been doing this week!

Gender: I really don't know. Boy or girl seems to as likely to me right now haha.

Labor Signs: No...and please...just no.

Symptoms: Just the strengthening of the weak bladder ;).

Belly Button in or out? Still out and uuuuuglaaay.

Wedding rings on or off? On and really lose. It's like my fingers are the only things shrinking!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy - how could you not in the Florida sun?!

Looking forward to: Starting the drive back home today, getting back in routine back home, checking out TRADER JOE's when we we get to Charlotte later today and drinking more sweet tea before I can't anymore (unless I want to test my skills at home!)