baby: 31 weeks


How far along? 31 weeks aka down to the SINGLE DIGITS for weeks left!!

Baby’s size? 4 navel oranges - I'm pretty sure this pertains more to the weight of the baby right now though. Conveniently, I bought oranges this week ;).

Total weight gain/loss: 20ish still - midwife was ready to lay down the law. I swear I'm eating as often as I can!

Maternity clothes? None, but if I don't get some new tops soon, then people are going to be see my hideously ugly belly button veeeery soon.

Stretch marks? Still none - I checked today, as I slathered on cream.

Sleep: Sleep is starting to become a bit broken. I'm more awake when I turn in the night now than I used to be.

Best moment this week: Meeting our second midwife (we've already met the first and third), and we absolutely loved her. She spent so much time feeling my belly and trying to figure out what position the baby was in. I told her our baby was a feisty one and she agreed when the baby kept moving around and she couldn't tell which body part was which!!

Miss Anything? Having a pelvic area that functions properly. I know that might sound really strange, but after running yesterday, I got a really bad sensation down there (TMI?) where it hurt to even walk. I googled last night and I believe I have 'pelvic girdle pain.' It hurts especially when walking so I pretty much committed myself to the couch last night and took it very easy today. Luckily I woke up this morning with less pain than I thought there would be, but it's a good lesson to myself to not overdo it while running anymore.

I admit that I miiiight have pushed it, by running at a pace quicker than normal (thanks to DailyMile's calculation of my average pace). After the pain subsides (and by that I mean completely, not 'almost' gone), I won't be running at a 9:23 pace. It will for sure be a 10:00 pace. Hold me to it!

Movement: The baby was SO active on Monday. I'm not even exaggerating. It probably kicked and punched the most I've ever seen. The husband was loving it too because he got to feel it all while we were watching a movie. Experiencing plenty of fetal hiccups too (like, right now), and I love them. Those hiccups alone make me wish it was November 16th now!

Food cravings: I swear I'm the oddest pregnant woman ever because I have no cravings.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope! I've been pretty good for sickness this week, just tired.

Gender: I'm still so stumped. I just know that if it's a girl, we better have a name picked by then.

Labor Signs: I thought the pelvic girdle pain might have been Braxton Hicks at first, but then I realized, you don't feel that in your bones ;) haha.

Symptoms: Tiredness (naps are so key right now), and little bit of stuffy nose once in a while.

Belly Button in or out? Out and ugly - tempted to start putting a bandaid over it.

Wedding rings on or off? They could be on, but strangely I haven't worn them all week just out of forgetting to put them on haha.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Trying to stay happy and keep stress to a minimum. Especially now that I'm back in school, I need to keep on top of that so I don't get overwhelmed and behind!

Looking forward to: Getting some chiro work done on Monday (seeing as I clearly need it after yesterday), packing for Florida (yes, I'm going next Friday - we found insurance!), and keeping up with my course work for school, which I must admit, I've done a pretty darn good job of so far!