baby: 22 weeks


How far along? 22 weeks!

Baby's size? A spaghetti squash.

Total weight gain/loss: ----  <---this does not mean I have not gained anything lol but simply that I don't really care/know/pay attention to

Maternity clothes? Still none. I love lulus.

Stretch marks? None, but I want to get some good cream juuuust in case!

Sleep: Sleeping fine. In all honesty, we actually slept in the spare bedroom last night (it has the same bed as our room) because our A/C actually comes from the ceiling down, and where our bed is in our room, the AC blasts me in the face at night, whereas in the spare it doesn't. The husband was like 'ugh' at first when I said I wanted to sleep in the spare room...but he secretly loved it ;) And I slept like a baby.

Best moment this week:  Getting 2 decent runs in (on the treadmill, unfortunately, because of the heat). Also, my mom felt the baby kick for the first time!

Miss Anything? Secretly...a flat stomach. Bathing suits aren't my strong suit right now - no pun intended :P

Movement: Yesterday there was basically no movement (or maybe I was the one moving too much), but it was quite active today!

Food cravings: BLTs? But only because I had the brilliant idea to try making them at home and it turned out fricken fantastic, so now I want more - does that count as a craving if it's self-induced?!

I should also mention that the 'B' actually stands for tempeh bacon - I did not convert back to eating meat.


Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope! But I did kinda feel a little 'off' this morning. Luckily it went away quickly though!

Gender: Guesses?!? Because I have absolutely no clue at this point in time.

Labor Signs: No...dear god, no.

Symptoms: I wanna say mild pregnancy brain for some things, but then for majority of things I have a rockstar memory - like better than before! I think I'm the weirdest pregnant lady. Ever.

Belly Button in or out? It's borderline and it will definitely be an outtie by the time we're through with this. I discovered this past week (after answering this question for the very first time last week), that this question made me aware of how odd my belly button really is.

Wedding rings on or off? They should and could be on, but sometimes my ring finger gets so dry, so they've been off since Monday.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy!

Looking forward to: Still looking forward to moving (we're a few steps closer to being there!), as per usual, more running and BLTs.