the adaptation process in moving from the north to the south (thought vs. reality)

As I'm still adapting to the changes of moving countries (and let's be honest, this will continue for a loooong time!), I thought I would do a little thought vs. reality post on how I'm getting through it!   

Thought: It's still warm outside. This cannot be happening, seeing as it's November. This really is July and I'm back home in Canada.

Reality: It actually really is November and really is still warm outside. That's the way it's suppose to be down here. No pretending it's July. 


Thought:I'm going to get mugged and murder, and no one will ever find my body. (You would previously find me saying this about Toronto as well.)

Reality: No one really cares who you are or what you're doing. Plus, no one wants to mug you. You pretty much only have $2 on you at all times.

(And don't worry, I'm not a U.S.A. hater; I just clearly come from a small town up north and moved somewhere considered WAY bigger to me, haha.)


Thought: How will I ever survive without all of my favourite Canadian food and drink brands? 

Reality: (Goes to grocery store) Oooo, I've never tried this before because it hasn't come to Canada yet! PLUS, when my family visits, they can bring me a food care pack. Double score.

(Side note: And yes, I'm still set on writing words like 'favourite' the Canadian way.) 


Thought: I've so going to start saying "y'all" all the time once I'm living in the south.

Reality: I will bring shame to the word if I start using it. 


Thought: Wine is so much cheaper down here.


I really am excited to be down here, and I'm hoping to not let the change of my old routine try and stop me from enjoying myself. I am a creature of habit, so this might be good for me

Have you ever made a big life-changing move not knowing if and/or when you would move back to where you started?


Me touching the Sydney Opera House!

^^By far the biggest life change I ever made, but knew it was a temporary one!