a natural pregnancy tea

I know I haven’t blogged much about my second pregnancy which is coming to a close (right, baby, in my stomach?!?!), but I do have some posts lined up and will hit ‘publish’ regardless of when this baby makes its appearance into the world!

As many of you may know, I have been practicing a pretty holistic + natural pregnancy. I use oils, I eat plant-based organic goodness, I keep my home free of harmful toxins & chemicals, AND NOW, I turn dried herbs into tea.

Yup… I have crossed into the complete hippy territory, but for GOOD REASON. And ps - if you can make something delicious, then why the heck not cross over that line? ;)

The tea I started sipping at 36 weeks is in prep for this baby coming, but here’s the FYI part: it WILL NOT put you into labour. The body will do that when it’s ready (nature knows!), and instead what this tea will do is nourish + get your body alllllll ready for labour time. You can start sipping it at any point throughout your pregnancy (I truthfully would have started sipping it sooner if I could go back in time).

So get that kettle on & get those dried herbs ready!

pregnancy tea.png

your all-natural Pregnancy Tea

To nourish & prep the body with what it needs for when your labour arrives!


  • 2 tbsp red raspberry leaf

  • 1 tbsp dried nettle leaves

  • 2 tsp lemon balm

  • 2 tsp rose hips

(Try to choose ALL organic if you can. I ordered my products from Rose Mountain Herbs and now I am obsessed with this website/company.)

NOTE: I quadrupled the recipe above and keep it in a mason jar for easy use!

How to prepare:

Put all dried herbs into a jar, then shake up container before scooping out. Steep 1 tbsp in 2 cups boiling water for 20-30 mins. Strain before sipping. Make daily!

And like I said above, you can start drinking this whenever - and read on below to see why this will support you throughout your whole pregnancy - not just pre-labour!

the benefits to these {herbal} ingredients:

> red raspberry leaf: uterine tonic that provides vitamins A, B, C and E + calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium - also believed to shorten labor time, reduce labor pain AND support postpartum recovery!

> dried nettle leaves: uterine tonic that provides vitamin A, C, D, and K + calcium and potassium - also nourishing to the adrenals & kidneys which are often stressed during pregnancy

> lemon balm: supports the nervous system (calming & relaxing) + provides iron, calcium and potassium

> rose hips: adds flavor + vitamin C

Other optional add- ins:

  • oat straw (to nourish nervous system and provide vitamins A, C, E and B + calcium, zinc, iron, and magnesium)

  • mint (to add flavour + help with digestion - just be careful postpartum as it can decrease milk supply)

  • chamomile (for relaxation and to enhance sleep)

  • ginger

The flavours in this tea are amazing + you do not need any sweeteners added to it (thanks to the rose hips!). The first thing I do when I wake up is get my kettle on and get steeping this tea. It’s a ritual I now love doing, knowing I am nourishing my body and getting ready for this baby’s arrival.

Let me know if you give this brew a try & happy pregnancy to all the other mamas out there!