a day in the oil life

I thought a fun post today would be to show you what it’s like using essential oils in everyday life {for me}. Now, just remember that before January, virtually no oils existed in my home. I had the odd oil for cleaning and when my daughter caught a virus last year, but I just hadn’t fully gotten into them as a lifestyle. This was actually good news because I’m glad I waited to learn/magically find the good {pure therapeutic} stuff! And now, you couldn’t pay me to stop using them because it’s become such a natural transition for me. Let’s take a little look at a day in the oil life!

I love this new routine I've gotten my family into & how we show up daily in our lives in the best ways possible. I would love to focus another post more specifically on why I use the oils when I do and what they're good for. I mean, oils in general are fantastic, but there are better times & places to use some than others.

I've also started putting together a list of diffuser blends I've been making - by what you're feeling like & smell(s) you're looking for!

If you think you could benefit from adding EOs to your home, let's chat. I'd love to help with your journey. XO

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