a big bucket list decision

I think I'm starting to get a better grasp on what the word 'season' means in Florida, finally, as we enter into raining season. It's a much different concept than back in Canada where winter was winter, and spring was spring, but hey. Speaking of actual seasons, I definitely miss those and the transitions that come along with them. Even though I know (via Instagram) it was still snowing last week back in my hometown, I do miss the opportunity to see snow melting due to warmer temps, and knowing that spring is just around the corner. Makes me even more anxious to get back home this summer and just take it all in! I also plan to do as much running as I can do while I'm home because had I really known how hot Florida would be in April already, I would have definitely taken advantage of running over the "winter." Now, even if you venture out at 7:30pm at night, it's still 30 degrees celsius (<--I haven't converted to fahrenheit yet, and frankly, I don't know if I can/will!), which is still way warmer than the warmest summer evenings in Canada. (Noted for next year.)

Speaking of running, despite my battles lately with getting back into really wanting to run, I made a once in lifetime decision yesterday. I think. Actually, I'm still not sure because I can't know yet…until it happens.

I decided to register for a marathon.

And not just any marathon, but the Disney World Marathon in January 2016. Ever since running ZOOMA back in January and speaking with the other lovely ambassadors (a lot of which have ran marathons), it got me wondering if running a marathon was something I could seriously do. Halfs, yes, but a full marathon? I had seriously considered it right after that half, while still experiencing runner's high, but then I let life & parenthood sneak into my head. I thought that maybe having another baby before turning 30 was a good idea, and with that thought in my head, I let the vision of running a full vanish. I mean, the thought was still there, but it would have to wait until after 30, and so on the bucket list it went.

It turns out, right when the month came when I initially would have wanted to start trying again for another child (Type A Syndrome at it's finest), I suddenly felt scared, not ready, and actually dreading the feeling of being pregnant again. Maybe it was a big move to a new country or I am just simply not ready yet, but either way, it wasn't enough to push through the problems and try anyways. So then I started thinking, well if I'm not going to have another baby before 30, why don't I run a full, after all?!

It honestly couldn't have been better timing, because I decided on running the full and then a week later the registration was opening for the Disney World Marathon. I think that was a sign.

I'm definitely going to hire a coach because I know for a fact that I can't do this alone. (Does anyone know of a really good running coach--online, preferably so it's easier to work with them??) I'm also scared shitless, and pretty much questioning every decision I've ever made in life. In the shower yesterday morning, I actually caught myself thinking, 26.2 miles isn't that far at all, especially if you break it down into 5 mile increments! Thoughts like that are only for the crazies.

So here I am: Registered for a full marathon, having not logged a ton of miles in a long time, but ready for the next big adventure.

I know I can do hard things. I know I can prepare and be ready for this thing. And, I know that I will feel ever so glad that I did something I've been thinking about for a while now.

To, bucket list items becoming a reality (well…come January 2016). And time to get my run on.