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glowing back to school with essential oils

As kids head back to school, as a natural mama, I want them to not only go back, but GLOW back to school thriving in their health. This post (reformatted from a 5-day vid series) is meant to show you simple + effective ways to get those kiddos back to school in glowing style!

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two words: charcoal latte

Two amazing words sandwiched together in an amazing drink: charcoal latte. If you like to follow the trend of upping the nutrition/health benefits in your food & drink, then you’ve come to the right post. Find out why this black latte might be the next thing that you’ll want to be sipping all the time!

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my vegan prenatal supplement protocol

As a pregnant vegan mama, supplementing is something that I wanted to touch on to show you what I’m doing this time around. Nutrition & building a strong foundation is mighty important - especially while pregnant AND especially as a vegan, so enjoy this post with all the info!

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