5 things to start doing today for your health!

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Welcome to my world of constant health upgrading. BUT (there’s a big but;), it has to be in small & manageable ways. Otherwise, let’s be real, will you do it? I know I won’t. Making them small is actually the reason why I’ve succeeded on my glowing health path. And you can, too. Let’s dig into those 5 things to start doing today for your health! (In no particular order, and even if you only choose one and run with it - you are ahead of the curve!)

{1} Eat superfoods.

They are full of beneficial vitamins & minerals that pump your body up with energy so you feel fantastic! If this is a new idea to you, then start by testing one out and seeing how you like it before moving onto another.

  • Some superfoods to consider (in order of what I use more often to not): ashwagandha, spirulina, mushrooms (especially chaga), pitaya, acai, moringa, maca, blueberry powder, goji berries, camu camu, cacao (powder & nibs), chlorella (powder or tablets)

  • A great superfood company is Giddy Yoyo (hailing from my hometown - Canadian pride over here!)

  • And check out this recent post on my top 5 fave smoothies currently (to add some superfood in and bonus: you’re drinking a nutrient-packed smoothie as well!)

{2} Eliminate toxic household products.

We’re talking the ones that are not boosting your health up, and instead doing the opposite and causing adverse effects. Things like: household cleaners, personal products, and items with fragrance. There are easy ways to get informed and know how good or bad your products are.

  • check how your household cleaners rate here // and check out my free green cleaning eBook I’ve put together for you using my fave cleaning essential oils

  • check how your personal care products here

  • and become familiar with the top toxic/hormone disrupting ingredients here

Also, consider downloading the EWG & Think Dirty apps. They are amazing when you’re out shopping and wondering what the heck to buy that supports your health.

{3} Get active!

Whether it’s through a stroll after dinner or mid-day leaving the office to walk and get lunch. Get out there! You just need to prioritize and take 30 minutes each day for YOU and your health. I’ve mentioned it before (but it’s worth noting again because that post was almost 2 months ago), but I’ve been loving Xtend Barre workouts on Openfit. They’re 30 mins long and leave me feeling sore & so good afterwards. I originally started doing them with the 30-day free trial, but as a new mom, they work so well to have a baby hanging out beside me as I complete them. Plus, if you love the idea of ballet-esque moves, then you’ll love this style of workout!

{4} Eat more plants.  

It might be my favourite thing I do for my health each and every day! Plants not only contain a ton of phytonutrients & minerals to contribute to good health, but actually help alleviate health conditions…and here’s am important announcement I need to make: ALL plants contain protein (yup, you read that right)! So add in those dark leafy greens {kale, swiss chard, spinach, collard greens, beet greens, spring mix & other dark lettuce, sprouts}.

To help you get started eating more plants, check out my recipes for inspiration. Plus, I’m always talking about food on Instagram, so make sure to tune in there, as well.

{5} Do YOU!

This means doing something for yourself because if you don’t fill up your cup, you can’t fill up others! Here are some simple examples of ways to start putting yourself first:

  • meditate for 5 mins each morning

  • do a hot yoga class

  • listen to personal development podcasts while getting ready each morning

  • go on a tea/coffee date with a friend/someone who lifts you up or inspires you

  • take a walk alone

  • diffuse some essential oils and have an epsom salt bath

So which one is up first? And if you want to keep me in the loop, please share the love on Instagram with me! XOXO

you have the power to transform your health to live your life in the best way possible! so, do it ;)