115 ways to use the top 10 oils

When venturing into oils, you might have NO clue how to use them & what they're good for. I totally get it. I was there. I felt a tad bit overwhelmed, but good news is there are SO many different ways to use just ONE oil & I'm here to give you my top uses.

I really do believe that the following 10 oils should be staples in every home. They provide you with a solid base to make health & wellness shifts in all areas of life - from your sleep + stress support, exercise, with your kids, in cleaning your home, supporting immune + respiratory systems, beauty + self-care, and even managing moods.

I speak so highly of these 10 oils because they are what got me started on my oil journey & I'm forever grateful for them. So please join me as we look at some of the top uses for the TOP 10 oils - 115 ways to be exact!

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1. Add a drop to your drinking water - especially starting your day off with it. Lemon is very detoxing & cleansing for the bod, so it's a great morning oil to add to your water. Just make sure you're adding it to a glass or stainless steel vessel.

2. Diffuse with peppermint for a nice invigorating + uplifting blend to make you feel good.

3. Use in a produce bath to make sure your fruits & veggies are extra clean (even if buying organic, like I do 95% of the time). In your kitchen sink, add 1/2 cup white vinegar + 5 drops lemon then fill the sink with water. Add your produce & let sit for 5-10 mins. This produce bath will help remove any nasties left lurking on your produce!

4. For runny noses - dilute a drop of lemon down & apply to the bridge of the nose or directly below it.

5. As an all-natural glass cleaner. Combine 1/4 - 1/2 cup white vinegar + 10 drops lemon & top with distilled water in a spray bottle. Use this as your glass & window cleaner vs. conventional cleaners. Your windows & glass will not only look cleaner, but you won't have to worry about any nasty chemicals lurking around (especially if you have little ones).

6. As a natural sticker remover. Have you ever experienced those stubborn stickers that WILL NOT peel off your items & are left behind to taunt you? Well, lemon to the rescue! Add lemon directly to the sticky area, wait a few mins, come back & the thing should literally just peel off! (This was one of THE best hacks I have ever found!)

7. Use in place of regular lemon in your baking and cooking. One drop is really all you need! Here's just one example from the dōTERRA blog on how to use lemon in recipes.

8. Natural degreaser. This oil is amazing in your kitchen & garage (for the men + women who like to get a little messy) for removing any greasy, sticky, stuck on items. BONUS - this oil has even been known to remove gum from hair, so before you reach for the scissors next time, try a little lemon ;)

9. Great for respiratory support. Either diffuse or use on the chest to help with any seasonal threats or discomfort. 

10. Sore throat? Give it a gargle with 1 drop lemon in a glass of water or pair with some coconut oil & rub it on the front of the throat.

11.  Add a drop to your dishwasher's rinse cycle to help cut through grease OR add a drop with your dishwasher detergent prior to washing - just so you don't forget ;)

12. Want to diffuse it? It pairs well with: eucalyptus, fennel, frankincense, geranium, peppermint, sandalwood & ylang ylang.




1. FIRST THINGS FIRST. I start every oils class with this very simple, yet amazing peppermint use: put a drop in your hands, rub together, then cup in front of nose & take a deep inhale. Rub any extras on the back of the neck. It's seriously invigorating & energizing. Plus, peppermint is one of the best smells.

2. As a natural breath mint. My fave way to benefit from this is to get the peppermint beadlets. They contain 1/4 a drop of peppermint & super easy to pop in the mouth for fresh breath (especially while on-the-go).

3. Stomach upset. Take a drop and rub directly onto the stomach, or take a deep inhale from the bottle, or add a drop to water and take internally to help with gas, bloating, indigestion & the like.

4. Right upon waking as an amazing "get up and go" protocol, put a dab of peppermint on the temples.

5. Natural bug repellent. Bugs (spiders & ants especially) hate peppermint, so use it to deter them! Spray around any windows & doors to help.

6. In your baking and/or smoothies. I love making a chocolate peanut butter mint smoothie using a drop. Or try out brownies - you won't regret it!

7. To cool the bod. When experiencing increased body temp, dilute down and apply to the bottoms of the feet and/or to the spine.

8. Pre-workout. Put on the bottoms of the feet or spine to help keep the body cool. Also take a drop internally (in a glass of water). Research has proven that when peppermint is taken before a workout, the athletic output increases!

9. Diffuse with wild orange to keep alert & uplifted. It's seriously one of the best diffuser blends & one I often come back to - especially as the first diffuser blend of the day!

10. Take your coffee or latte to the next level by adding a drop of peppermint to it. It's been a complete game-changer for me & coffee is just amazing with it. Check out my superfood/bulletproof coffee recipe here.

11. Experience a sunburn? If the skin is super hot & red, dilute down in fractionated coconut oil & apply to the problem areas. It will help the body feel less heated!

12. Tension? Apply to the temples and back of neck to relieve it.

13. Use as a mouthwash. Add a drop to a glass of water & gargle!

Note for nursing mamas: Peppermint is an oil that may cause a decrease in milk production, so use with caution! 




1. Have a cut, scrape, burn, or some other sort of bump? Lavender is your new first aid tool. Apply to any areas where the skin needs a little TLC. (This has come in mighty handy from a kettle incident!)

2. Try unwinding after a long day with an epsom salt bath. Add 1/2 to 1 cup epsom salts + 5 drops lavender, then get in and soak the day away.

3. Use in the kitchen. Add to your baking, cooking & drink recipes. Try in lemonade, chia pudding, frosting for your cupcakes, or even a drop in your evening tea!

4. Got mosquito bites? Use lavender to soothe them since it is very soothing to the skin.

5. Diffuse to help reduce stress & promote relaxation. I love pairing it with wild orange before bed or use other relaxing oils (like breathe, vetiver, cedarwood or marjoram). You could also apply the bottoms of the feet.

6. Experiencing any tension or anxious feelings? Apply lavender to the temples and back of neck to help lesson these effects and help soothe + calm the nervous system.

7. Your natural antihistamine. Lavender helps with seasonal & environmental discomfort. Just rub on the hands and cup in front of nose while taking a deep inhale and/or take 2 drops internally to help naturally reduce any inflammation.

8. Before bed, add a few drops to your pillow to breathe in the beautiful scent as you drift off to sleep.

9. Too much fun in the sun? Soothe a sunburn by applying lavender to the area of concern when you've stayed out in the sun for too long. It helps heal the skin by promoting cell turnover.

10. Healthy hair! One of my fave tips is to use it as a leave-in hair conditioner. I either use a pump of this or baobab oil in my hand, then mix in a drop of lavender and apply to the tips of my hair to help add moisture to your locks.

11. Create the ultimate spa vibe AND help with seasonal discomfort by adding equal drops lavender, peppermint & lemon into the diffuser. When this trio comes together, you not only help with any discomfort experienced seasonally or environmentally, but it smells like heaven. Lavender, specifically, helps create a healthy immune function & response during these time of threats.

12. BEST BONUS TIP + GREEN BEAUTY HACK // Add a drop to a new mascara tube (just make sure you're using a mascara that rates a 3 or lower on EWG - the glowing lifestyle is about rocking health in all areas of your life ;) to help naturally lengthen and volumize your lashes.


melaleuca / tea tree

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1. Clean out cuts & abrasions. Apply to area of concern because it's your all-natural germ destroyer.

2. Use as an all-purpose cleaner. Combine 10-20 drops in a (glass) spray bottle and top with filtered water. Use to clean all your surfaces. (This is the only solution I use to clean my home now, plus it's SO easy to put together.)

3. Mix up with some coconut oil and apply to nail beds post-shower. This helps keep fungus away & the nails healthy. Great for all the germs that reside in locker rooms.

4. Help clear up acne/pimples. Apply to the location - you can either dilute down or just dab right on the problem area. I love doing this after I clean my face each night on any spots I find.

5. Soothe a sore throat by applying a hot compress to the front of the throat.

6. Experiencing sore ears and/or aches? Put a drop on a cotton ball & rest inside the ear or dilute down and apply around the ear to promote drainage.

7. Smelly shoes or gym bags? Make up a little 2oz spray bottle with water + 10 drops melaleuca and spritz on the smell!

8. Feeling under the weather? Take a few drops internally (in an empty veggie cap if you have some) to promote a healthy immune system response.

9. Use as a natural aftershave by combining with coconut oil & cedarwood.

10. Add a drop to your face cleanser or moisturizer next time for it's cleansing properties.

11. HACK FOR THE KIDS // Melaleuca is my most used mom tool. For school, use in shampoo to help keep healthy scalps. And literally bust this oil out for ANY skin problem. Kids like to share germs & because of that, this oil will become your BFF.




To note: Please be VERY careful with oregano. I know you've probably heard of "oil of oregano" but this oil is very different. It is pure oregano oil which is very hot/caustic. Always heavily dilute before applying topically to the body.

1. This is the BIG GUNS oil. When you are in need of some serious TLC for the body (when you're really under the weather & feeling super crappy), take a few drops in an empty veggie capsule and swallow or heavily dilute down and apply to the bottoms of the feet. This oil supports a healthy immune function.

2. Sore throat? This is one of the most legit ways to use this oil - add a drop to a glass of water & gargle with it (might cause some tingling around the lips, but I promise it's worth it). I swear this trick has saved me on several occasions. As soon as you feel even the slightest scratch in the throat, do this!

3. Add a little flavour of Italy to your home cooking. Since oregano is spicy & herbaceous, it provides a great hint of flavour for spaghetti + pizza sauces, marinades, and much more. I've had success adding a drop to a cauliflower pizza crust, plus also test out in a homemade pasta sauce. 1 drop of oregano essential oil replaces 1 tbsp of ground oregano.

4. You might not think to clean with this oil, but it's very effective as an all-purpose cleaner because of it's chemical make-up, making it a powerful cleansing and purifying agent. Place 10 drops into a glass spray bottle, then top with water to use on your surfaces. Also can be used as a hand sanitizer or to use while out in public places that aren't so...sanitary.

5. Support your respiratory system with the power of oregano by taking a drop internally in an empty veggie capsule.

6. Use oregano to help with digestion since it promotes the secretion of digestive juices. Next time you're having a little tummy/digestive troubles, take a drop in a glass of water or add 2 drops to an empty veggie cap & swallow.

7. Better together. A recent study has shown that when oregano and peppermint are paired together, they worked better together than apart. Termed 'synergism' - these two oils create a combined effect that is greater than the individual substances on their own. So next time you grab for some oregano, get the peppermint too for a more powerful result.

8. Heat things up. When you're feeling a little cold, since oregano is a hot/caustic oil, try combining it with some fractionated coconut oil & rubbing into the hands and feet to help heat the body up!

9. Apply to any skin imperfections (those nasty bumpy ones on the feet ;) with fractionated coconut oil to help combat the problem. Use everyday for at least one week.

10. Wondering what oils to combine with oregano, here are a few suggestions: peppermint, lavender, basil, rosemary, cypress, cedarwood, and melaleuca.




1. Need some clarity? Put some frankincense in the diffuser & start breathing it in. This oil can aid you in focusing your intention for the day/night.

2. Healthy bods. Frankincense is known for its ability to promote healthy cellular responses, so try taking 2 drops internally. It's why you'll find this oil in the Life Long Vitality supplements, as well as, the powerhouse, DDR Prime.

3. Calm the F down. Take a drop under the tongue to help manage your moods and emotions (and to support cellular health). As a mom, this a 'go to' for me.

4. Good vibes only. One of my fave uses before I head to a yoga class or before a meditation practice is to put frankincense on the bottoms of the feet. This helps you feel rooted, connected & on path with your vision. It's a powerful oil connecting you to spirit, so use this quality to your advantage in these situations! Plus, it induces feelings of peace & satisfaction. It's why I like to call frankincense my "zen vibes" oil ;)

5. Skin nourishment. Add a drop to your morning moisturizer or to your hand & body lotion, since it's very hydrating and rejuvenating for the skin.

6. Strong nails. When you're nails need a little revitalization, add a drop to the nail and rub along the cuticles to help strengthen and nourish them.

7. That face glow. Try applying a homemade clay mask (or test out dōTERRA's detoxing mud mask) & add frankincense to it to feel refreshed and get your skin glowing. Simple clay mask for you to try making: bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar, essential oils & a little water to thin out, if needed.

8. Fun in the sun. When you've been out gardening, hiking, biking, or rolling in the grass with your kids and it's been a long day, use frankincense

9. Immune support. Taking a few drops internally to not only provide antioxidant support, but also promote a healthy immune response in the body.

10. Your anti-aging tool. This oil has been used for centuries for skin care & skin challenges, so if you're experiencing any sun spots, scarring, wrinkles or stretch marks, apply on location. (It's why frankincense is one of the main oils used in the beautiful anti-aging blend, Immortelle.)

11. King driver. When layering oils on, start with frankincense because it helps drive subsequent oils deeper into the tissue.

12. Your new scent. Mix with a little fractionated coconut oil and wear as a natural perfume to help lift & balance your mood.

13. Deep breath in. When combined with citrus oils, frankincense helps support healthy lung and respiratory function.

14. Soak it up. Add a few drops to your evening bath to melt away bad feelings since it's very calming & soothing to the nervous system & mind.


breathe / easy air

doterra-breathe-15ml (1).jpg

1. Better breathing. Diffuse or take a deep inhale to experience feelings of clear airways and easy breathing.

2. Enviro threats. Add a drop to the hands & inhale from the palms when the threats are running high.

3. Pre-workout. Dilute down in coconut oil & apply to the chest to help promote opening of the airways + invigorate the lungs before you go and rock your next workout.

4. Open the sinuses. When you're stuffed up, fill a bathroom sink with warm water then add a few drops of this oil. Next, drape a towel over your head covering the sink, creating a steam bath for your face. Take deep breaths in for a few mins & feel the relief.

5. Bedtime diffuse. Pair 2 drops Breathe with 4 drops lavender & 2 drops cedarwood in what I like to call my "nighttime knockout" diffuser blend.

6. Shower experience. Add a few drops in the outskirts of the shower creating a spa experience & getting you

7. Ready for bed? Diffuse for a restful sleep & to melt away any worries.

8. Hiking companion. Keep on you & take deep breaths in as you combat nature.

9. Stuffed up? Dilute down and apply to the bridge of the nose or directly under the nose.

10. Feeling closed in? When feeling a little constricted (like in say a small space or just anxious), take a deep inhale or try diffusing.


on guard


1. Immune support. This is THE oil to help support the body in times of need, naturally. Dilute down and apply to the bottoms of the feet. Or try diffusing with other immune boosting oils like lemon or melaleuca.

2. Keep rooms fresh. Whenever you need to cleanse the air of any lingering germs (like say in funky hotel rooms), add this to your diffuser and get going!

3. Clean hands. This oil makes the easiest hand sanitizer to keep away the germs. Grab a 2oz glass spray bottle, add 10 drops of On Guard to it & top with water.

4. School tool. Before the kiddos head back to school/while they're in it (where all the lovely germs hang out), apply On Guard diluted down in coconut oil on the bottoms of the feet (both morning and night a couple weeks before heading back or whenever needed during the school year) to help give the immune system a boost!

5. All-purpose cleaner. Combine with water in a spray bottle and use as a natural, non-toxic cleaner on all your surfaces.

6. Oil pulling. Try this ancient Ayurvedic practice by adding a drop of On Guard to a tbsp of (coconut) oil - a great additive to your morning routine for your oral health (it's also why this oil is in the toothpaste dōTERRA makes).

7. Produce companion. Try soaking your fruit in water with a drop of On Guard for a few mins before eating. Especially good for apple slices - you'll get the immune boosting properties of the oil in each bite!

8. Throat discomfort? Try gargling with a drop in water or dilute down and apply to the front of the neck/throat area.

9. Bump it up. Feeling in need of some major (immune) support? Take a few drops internally in an empty veg cap.

10. Add a drop to your next cup of coffee - not only will it add flavour, but will support your body while sipping your warm cup of joe!

11. Experiencing those pesky canker sores? (Hate 'em.) Place a drop on your thumb then stick on the area. This oil is great for your oral health + will also help numb the area a bit.

12. Use in your homemade laundry detergent (we gift you a mighty good + super easy-to-make recipe when you get started on your oil journey).


digest zen / zen gest


1. Road tripping. Inhale the aroma and/or apply to the chest or stomach when heading out on your next big adventure.

2. New food alert. When trying out new food/a new restaurant that might not agree with you, apply a drop on the stomach area (and better luck with the next food spot ;)

3. Soothing sip (for your GI). Add a drop to hot water & sip like a tea to help tame the tummy when needed & to support the GI tract.

4. Take a drop in water 30 mins before your next meal to enhance digestion.

5. Full belly alert. When testing the limits at your next holiday or special meal and the bloat comes on strong, apply a few drops to the belly area, even adding directly in the belly button.

6. The (bad) bug. When that reeeeally upset stomach hits & you're running for the bathroom, get some relief by either diffusing, applying to the chest, applying to the stomach or doing ALL of these to help you get through it. This is never a fun situation, but this oil is your best support (unfortunately I know from experience).

7. Sea sickness. Are you on the open waters and feeling a little queasy? Try applying this oil to the wrists, behind the ears, and/or under the nose, then float on!

8. When experiencing any tummy troubles, bloating, upset stomach, GI distress, or gas, use this oil on location to help you out.

9. For little babes. When you have a fussy little one, heavily dilute down (or get the Touch version of this oil) and apply to the little one's stomach, spine & bottoms of feet. This is a great mama tool for colic & ones with reflux to help ease the feelings.

10. Double up. Pair with peppermint to help support your tummy & GI system with a more intense effect.

11. THE MOST PECULIAR HACK // Use on the bridge of the nose to help with any sinus pressure, head tension and ready for it? Snoring!


deep blue


1. It's been a long day. Apply to the shoulders & neck to help relieve some of the tension.

2. Pre-workout. I like to proactively use this oil before putting stress on the bod, but applying to the front & back of the knees. Can also apply to the feet & ankles, as well.

3. Need a massage? Use this blend with some coco oil to massage in for a cooling and comforting effect. Bonus points if you bring it to your massage therapist to you use on you (and introduce them to oils)!

4. Growing kiddos? Dilute this oil down and apply to the legs before bed to help with any growing pains.

5. Moving on up. After a day of packing, lifting & moving, use to help soothe sore + tight muscles.

6. Spending a lot of time on your computer or phone? This can lead to sore fingers & hands, try using Deep Blue to bring some relief.

7. For the ladies. If you're experiencing really bad cramping (that time of the month), apply to the lower back to help you out.

8. Post-workout. So you got after that workout hard, good for you! Help soothe sore muscles & joints by using on any locations needing it.

9. Sitting for too long? Provide some relief to the lower back, shoulders and neck with this oil. Do a few jumping jacks while you're at it, too ;)

10. Up the power when you really need some sore muscle support by layering the oil on with the Deep Blue rub to really get after it. You will experience a more intense effect when you use the two together.

I hope this helped you see ALL the ways you can now rock the top + most used oils!

To glowing health & wellness!


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