hello to you, my fellow glowing beauty! <3


Here's the real deal about me + what I do:

I teach people to GLOW. TO live a vibrant + humming life that focuses on holistic health & wellness. I do this as a plant-based nutritionist, essential oil educator + mentor & as a passionate (modern hippy) mama. In order to shine bright, we need to do this together, which is how I know you're here for all the right reasons! If we were together right now, we would totally be sipping green smoothies (or wine ;), have a diffuser pumping with a beautiful oil blend & chatting about how awesome Target tees are.

You get me, girl? Then we're totally meant for each other.

I felt the calling for something bigger when I became pregnant with my daughter back in 2012. I was already back in school completing my second degree for Nutrition (first was in Linguistic Cognitive Science), but getting ready to have a child shifted something in me. I started asking questions I never did before & got curious. I couldn't continue doing what I was doing from a health standpoint because it didn't feel right in my heart. I got my researching hat on, started making small shifts (because this is where I believe it leads to big magic overtime), and started down the holistic health & wellness road.

My time for a shift came when I was ready for it.

And this is why I love what I do. Health & wellness is a journey and the good part about that is anyone can hop on - whenever it's their time. My time came when I was ready to have a tiny human; maybe yours is something much larger or even much smaller. The good part is that it doesn't matter. You want that change & that's why it's your time now.

And that's why you've landed in this spot.

I am here (100%) to give you the tools to find + embrace your own glow. The glow that leads to you feeling your best self. I've always been a helper, especially for things I'm completely passionate about. Well, this is it. So if you want to shine together, just know that I am always here as your guide + friend. No matter where you are, we meet you on the way. That's the beauty in the journey ;)

You were meant to shine bright. To be your best self that only YOU know. To really embrace the GLOW life.

So now that you know what you're here for - let's hang. Check things out around here & just know I'm only a text/msg/FB request away!

Love + light,